Leaf Guard

We offer Leaf Guard Installation, to provide assurance that your eavestrough system will not clog and be Maintenance free, There are many options to choose from in any budget range. For more information please see link

Soffit & Fascia Installation

Soffits and fascia play an important role in protecting your home and reducing the impact of sun, wind and rain. With a variety of colours available, they can also provide a personal touch to accent and beautify your investment.

Soffits are located under the overhang of the roof deck and act as an air intake for the attic space. A vented soffit plays a major role in your roofing system and in the overall comfort of your home or commercial building, yet it is often overlooked. Many older homes do not have an adequately vented soffit area, which leads to a poorly ventilated attic. This can cause ice damming and condensation in the winter, an overheated living space in the summer and can shorten the overall life of all your roofing materials. Turner Eavestroughing can inspect your home or building to help you find the right solution.

Fascia covers the truss tail ends where the eavestroughs are attached, and along the gables. Not only do fascia add a personal touch to your home, they protect the wood beneath from moisture and the sun’s UV rays. There are many styles of fascia and Turner Eavestroughing can help you choose the right fit for your home.

Window Cleaning

All windows will be inspected for any cracks and scratches before cleaning. If there are any problems the customer will be notified before working on the window. Cleaning of your windows will include removal of all dirt, light paint spots, bug debris, stickers, sap, post construction cleaning and a wipe down of the windowsills. Leaving you with spotless windows to enjoy.


We fix leaking corners – guaranteed! We also re-attach loose gutters, replace damaged portions, replace eroded outlets, re-attach loose pipes and re-slope misaligned gutters.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Dirty Eavestroughs

Poorly maintained gutters and drains can cause serious problems. Without regular inspection and cleaning, blockages in modern drainage systems can have severe effects on the system’s performance, resulting in damage to buildings, basement leaks, brick repair, insurance and ultimately your house.

We offer a maintenance service that includes cleaning out, re-spiking and resealing existing Eavestrough. We will fix all 5″ eavestrough systems.


Eavestrough Profiles

Turner Eavestroughing offers customers many different types of eavestroughing options, not just the normal 5” contemporary eavestrough. We also offer new 6’ profile eavestroughing that is sure to enhance the look of your home. All of our eavestroughs are seamless meaning we form all pieces on site to the exact measurement with no seams. All of our corners are cut using a miter saw to ensure exact precision and custom clean looking corners. We use a hidden fastening system with use of screws and not Nails to ensure a clean look with no nail holes. In addition we only use Aluminum material as compared with other companies that use steel products, Aluminum is a lightweight product that has the same strength as steel and last up to twice as long as it will not rust.